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Scholarships for YES Graduates

Scholarships are available to YES graduates:

Penn State University offers Y.E.S. graduates a one-time scholarship. Students who take more than 12 credits are eligible for $1,000 and students who take six to 11 credits are eligible for $500. Scholarships are available at the Schuylkill and Hazleton campuses.

Graduates of the program that enroll at the Pennsylvania College of Technology are eligible to receive a $2,000 renewable scholarship. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree are eligible for up to $8,000; associate degree students are eligible for up to $4,000. The scholarship is for first-time, full-time students.

Starting during the 2021 fall semester, YES graduates attending Johnson College will earn a $1,000 scholarship as well as four credits based upon prior learning.

Preferential consideration is also given to YES graduates attending McCann School of Business & Technology for its Imagine America Scholarship, covering all its campuses in Pennsylvania.

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