At the end of the 2016-17 school-year, YES students were given a survey that asked them about their immediate future plans. We had 236 respondents from 10 different school districts. Students were asked to indicate their future plans and check all that apply to them under the following categories: College, Workforce, Military, Certification/Technical Degree, Associate Degree, and Bachelor’s Degree or higher. Below are the results:

  • College: 89% of all students plan to attend college. (8% increase from last year)
  • Workforce: 14% of all students plan to enter into the workforce. (9% decrease from last year)
  • Military: 5% of all students plan to enter the military. (2% decrease from last year)
  • Certification/Technical Degree: 4% of all students plan to earn a Certification or a Technical Degree. (4% decrease from last year)
  • Associate’s Degree: 15% of all students plan to earn an Associate’s Degree. (no change from last year)
  • Bachelor’s+ Degree: 72% of all students plan to earn a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. (9% increase from last year)

For the full survey, which has occupation and migration data, as well as an individual school breakdown, please click the link below.

View the results here.